The Inner CourtEssay 7

Entrance to the Inner Court of the OSK is based on three criteria:

1. Membership in the OSK for a year's time
2. Creation of an essay for The Scroll of Thoth
3. Rite of Entry

The first should be fairly easy to understand. The second requires the production of a scholarly essay of four to seven thousand words on an aspect of Southern Initiation that reflects the methodology of the Order. In other words, it has to drawn from scholarly sources, it has to have application to the modern world, it has to involve performance, and it has to be clear enough so that it can be used by other Order members. It is a good idea to consult with the Grandmaster before undertaking the Work. This particular essay need not be limited to the OSK; if someone is writing this as part of his/her Master's thesis for the Order of Horus, or for Mastery in the Order of the Trapezoid, or for publication in the world so much the better.

It is hoped that these essays can be collected and published for the outside world in some future time (suitably edited so that no personal information can be leaked to the outside world). Any monies generated from this will go to the coffers of the Order, or to the Temple itself, as desired by Order members.

The Rite of Entry is an Exchange that will change your life and that of the Order/Temple/Æon for all time. You have to find a shortcoming (for example, fear of flying or tobacco smoking) that you wish to overcome. You write or speak to the Grandmaster (or a Master of the Order) about the shortcoming. Needless to say such, conversations are held in the strictest confidence on the GM's part. You decide how you are going to overcome the shortcoming. You then declare in a ritual format that you dedicate the energy released to the sake of the Order's eternal Manifestation on this Earth (Ta). You likewise declare your certain knowledge that the Power to overcome this shortcoming exists in the Omniverse guarded by a living person or a Neter, awaiting you to claim it. You summon it to you under the Authority of your magical Name (ren) and the magical Lore of the Order of Setne Khamuast. Then you do your plan. You overcome. When you have overcome you tell the Grandmaster who will reveal certain Secrets of the Order to you, and you let the Executive Director of the Temple of Set know that you can have the letter "I" in your Roster entry.

Becoming a Master

To Become a Master of the Order, you must have first have achieved Inner Court status and then meet three other criteria:

1. Evidence of Teaching in the Outer World
The first criteria is an easy one to show, a hard one to do. It can be an article on Egyptian magic in an outer publication, it can be teaching classes in Egyptian magic to non-Setians, it can be setting up a website, etc.

2. The Consent of the Inner Court
The Consent of the Inner Court is obtained by writing to members of the Inner Court and telling them that you proclaim yourself a Djaas, a Master. They will in turn write to me expressing their confidence or disbelief. Depending on the letters I get, Mastery may be held back— or the Master may have to defend his/her claim.

3. Evidence of Special Election
The third criteria is the explanation to me of a special miracle that shows that they are a Master. This may have happened while in the Temple, or even years before. The miraculous happening has to be clearly related to your magical Name and your Work. This discussion will likewise be confidential on the part of the GM.

Upon taking up Mastery, the Djaas must be willing at any time to take over the reigns of the Order. This does not mean that the state of mastery will be limited to the IV°, but it does mean that attaining the IV° will be part of the magical ambitions of the Djaas. Djaas will add the Nisbi form of Xeper to their names indicating their place of origin, so that Setnakt would be Xeperi-Setnakt for communications inside the Order.

It is expected that most, but not all of the members of the Order will seek to enter the Inner Court. Few are expected to seek to Become Djaas.