The Museum

Stele of Xeper

22” x 12” x 2”; Pipestone/Catlinite; 2008
Creating with stone is a life long passion of mine. Inspired almost solely by Ancient Egypt and a life of exploring that which lies under my feet. I began my art career late in life, surprisingly, remaining inspired since youth by the exquisite grandeur of the Ancient Egyptian sculptors, glass workers and builders. When the idea for the Stele was conceived it sent tremors through my approach to art. Ipsissimus Aquino’s Work as the Magus of Xeper effectively and permanently altered the course of my Life.... The desert surrounding the central image is a rather spacious metaphor and could have been made smaller in hind-sight, I have found however that there is Nothing small about the Work it takes to find the Source and maintain a connection to it. The discovery of the Setian path is but the beginning of the journey and it is not, in my experience, easy to find. Once you have arrived you will decipher the central image in your own way and according to the genius of your creation. The Stele itself is a fine example of bas-relief carving and the images of Set and Xepera lent themselves beautifully to the process.

The Chalice of Beelzebub

2009; Spider Marble
The Chalice of Beelzebub is a creation made for our Heb-Sed and was presented to the Temple of Set via High Priestess Patricia Hardy at SetXXX. May those that drink from it know the power of Set’s might and celebrate the joys and challenges Setian Initiation offers and Open the Mouth’s of the Elect.

Babalon Chalice

This work was a labor of Love under Will. It contains five individual Lapis Lazuli carvings and seven Lapis inlays, a Black Star Diopside, Black Serpentine and Porphyry. To my knowledge it was used in the ceremony of induction for our present High Priest.

The Well of Wyrd

Soapstone; 22x10x9”
The stone bowl is made up of the dreaming god Cthulhu and the head of Set with an image of Xepera on the bottom, the piece comes with a mirrored Teak box on which it sits. the image of Xepera was never photographed. This piece also made an appearance at my “Psyche: Journey to the Source exhibit in 2008”. Wyrd, the thread of Time and Desire throughout ones Life, is a dynamic initiatory process leading ever further towards comprehensive Understanding of ones Self and Time Bending. Wyrd requires that Life be focused in its direction that it may become a active principle in ones life. I am eternally grateful to the Maga of Wyrd for her patience and Teaching and to who this Work is dedicated.

The Eye of Anubis

14k White Gold, 18k Gold, Sterling Silver, Black Star Sapphire, Aquamarine
A close family member was experiencing some very difficult times and I had hit a wall full on with the situation, the circumstances were dire and I needed to find some answers for myself. At SetXXIX I had a most fortunate conversation with an Adept and received a mouth to ear a teaching that fundamentally altered the way I viewed this family member. The affect of this perception alteration was so significant that to this day it bears fruit, in a much deeper and more mature way than I could have imagined. This piece was created out of a pure magical inspiration and appreciation for my colleague and friend and speaks to the importance of face to face, mouth to ear Teachings in those brief exchanges we have with each other at Conclave. Xeper!

TSHTSH Pectoral

Sterling Silver, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysoprase, Jet Antique Lapis beads, Black Onyx
This creation challenged my skills and inspired a lengthy study of the Griffin in several cultures and several Griffin carvings emerged and still do from my Being. As I was choosing projects for the “Psyche: Journey to the Source” art exhibit at our local Public Art Gallery in 2008 I chose to create this piece for TshTsh and it would be my “coming out” piece as a jewelry maker as well as the culmination of an Arkte Working which began a few years previously. The night before the exhibit I entered the public gallery in my robes and performed the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony on each art piece present. The significance of pulling this work off was a great boost to my inspiration. It took almost three months to create, including gathering the necessary skill set to complete it. This was a very daemonic time in which a great deal was accomplished in a very short period. There is only One being I know that could possess this amulet and that person is now our Grand Master, as the amulet belongs to the Order of Setne Khamuast it is his to pass on as he see’s fit, my hope however is that he wears it with Pride for many years to come.


Egyptian Alabaster, 2009
Spiritwolfe was created for my Teacher and Friend the Maga of Arkte, Lilith Aquino. We all know the significance and impact Xeper has on our lives and Initiation. I would assert that Arkte is a Word that is equally important in Understanding Xeper. I have confronted many difficult experiences in my time, none have had the impact that Arkte still has on my life. Engaging the essence of Arkte is unlike any experience I have ever undergone. It altered my perception so dramatically and fundamentally that In the course of my explorations I rebuilt the majority of my life around this unique Understanding of Life. Spiritwolfe is carved from Egyptian Alabaster, the same stuff King Tut’s unguent vase is made from.

The Sword of Seth

1095 steel. Ebony, Amethyst, Coral, Lapis, Alexandrite. Iron Nails, Purple Heart, 40lb Jade base.
This sword was made because it Needed to Be.

Tale of Two Brothers

14x19x10” Wonderstone. 2009
Set, Horus and the Magician. Private collection. DOne on a whim at an international sculpture festival, this piece was inspired by none other than the story it represents.


Created for the Grand Master of the Order of Tiamat and commissioned by him. The back of Pazuzu’s head is inscribed with the original cunieform “I am Pazuzu, Son of Hanbu”.

Anton LaVey ring

Commissioned by The now GM of the Order of Leviathan. This ring is a one of a kind full sculptural carving and casting of Anton and an incredibly labor intensive piece. It could belong to no other.

RtR Mjolnir

Created in honor of Ips. Flowers Word RUNA. Carved by myself this piece is one I have on hand at all times exclusively available to ToS Initiates.


This ring is a replica of one worn by Christopher Hyatt and a very few was commissioned by our now High Priest Magister Fitzsimmons. In true Magister Fitzsimmons fashion I am Still Working through the material this piece was exchanged for.