What Does an Order Member Do?Essay 13

The purpose of an Order is to give energy and character to the Temple. Each arises out of the Xeper of its members, guided by a Dream that the Grandmaster has dreamt in the Temple of Amon within the City of the Pyramids.

Now, there are no formal ties in the Outer Court. I don't require you to submit articles, head up Phyles, or do anything in particular. There are Secret practices of Oasis magic that I ask you try as well as those that are published here for all. But the question came up: “Well, gee, what should I be doing?”

Now, the list that follows is meant as suggestions only. I would be thrilled if you come up with your own stuff and blew me, and the rest of us, away.

1. Write other Order members on Order Topics.
2. Host Setian field trips to see Egyptian artifacts.
3. Join local groups that study scientific Egyptology.
4. Put Egyptian Links on your web site.
5. Practice magical operations out of Hermetic Magic, The Seven Faces of Darkness, or other good source work as part of pursuing your Xeper.
6. Choose an Egyptian Magical name and learn to write it in hieroglyphs.
7. Read Egyptian history and mythology, find a figure you find heroic and think about what he or she did, and try to use this as a role model for your Xeper.
8. Be active in free speech issues and library issues in honor of our nextto- last Pagan Grandmaster, Hypatia.
9. Visit Egypt and Work there.
10. Rent weird mummy movies for Pylon movie night.
11. Spot good specials on TV about Egypt and tell your Setian friends.
12. Collect Egyptian art.
13. Guard the Oasis of your home.
14. Meditate on the legacy you wish to leave for a thousand years