Victory Pylon

The Victory Pylon is a geographic Pylon located in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. The main focus of the Pylon is individual personal interaction. Thus, membership is restricted to Setians who can attend Pylon meetings regularly. During normal times, these meetings will occur one or two times monthly. Additional special activities may also take place. The Pylon maintains a blog at
Victory is conceived of as the state of having brought into being a willed change in oneself - the moment of realization of Xeper is the moment of Victory. As each act of Will is a Victory over stasis, inertia, and non-consciousness, so each moment of Xeper affords the opportunity to stand and reflect on personal Victory.
The Victory Pylon creates a space for these moments to be planned and celebrated.
Pylon activities include meetings, discussions, Workings, and some planned excursions into oddness. Past events have ranged from group discussions of Aeonic and Setian topics, outings to local museums, visits to locales of magical significance, and Pylon movie nights.

If you are in the greater Atlanta, GA area and wish to make contact with the Victory Pylon of the Temple of Set, send email to