By Lady Lilith Aquino V° &
Magister William T. Butch IV°
Co-Grand Masters

With original and revised input from Robertt W. Neilly, GME O.V. &
Priestess S. Thompson, M, O.V.

The Order of the Vampyre is an Order which embraces the concepts of Vampyric Presence as a means to personal power and potential Immortality. Vampyrism is a unique Black Magical condition that in and of its very nature requires a Posture, which enables a natural and effortless exchange of Power from the lesser to the Greater. In normal communication, this power is evidenced by the psychological control exerted over others. Through our Black Magic, this Power is evidenced by accessing what is known as lucid dreaming and increasingly gaining mastery over that state of Becoming which is desirable in its own right.

Vampyrism goes back to time immemorial, and true Vampyrism can be traced back in many cultures around the world, and is therefore known by many different names. A true Vampyre knows that he does not achieve the Posture of Effortless Power through the mundane act of physical blood drinking. In fact to pursue such acts would mean that he did not understand his own condition, let alone Vampyric Black Magic.

Through Xeper, the Word of the AEon of Set, members of this Order will strive to bring to Life those qualities and aspects of our potential which have long been considered to be dead, or latent.

Communication is a cornerstone of our Work. Members of the Order will communicate effectively in order to maintain that concert which will be our collective effort.

The Order's founders undertook research that brought them into a 'dialogue' with, and the acquaintance of, existing Vampyric characteristics and Archetypal Forces. They were examining, testing, and proving to themselves, through direct experience, how many of the alleged Vampyric powers—such as invisibility, manipulation, the power of sound and breath, etc.—were real and were useable. Many of these same powers are, of course, harnessed by non-O"V Setians.

Through the great Black Magic, and in ways that are special to the Children of the Night, we seek to further enhance and augment such powers. On a lesser level, these powers will be evidenced in social communications resulting in personal power as measured by social position, wealth and personal freedom. On a Greater Level, by achieving control of the lucid dreaming state these powers will be the direct experience of Vampyres in a World of their own creation, which can also be potentially shared.

Vampyres can be hideous by nature, as well Noble. Vampyres can also be—and are—glamorous. Those who are members of the Order of the Vampyre will learn to perfect such skills as the application of cosmetics, the use of the voice in subtle ways (including the embedding of commands in one's phrases), and the act of holding another's gaze to influence, to distract, to control. All of these are designed to enhance the creation of the Vampyric Posture such that power flows to the Vampyre for both lesser and Greater goals.

It is our desire that our School for Vampyres address the Vampyre at all levels, and that our teachings have a practical application in the world. Hence, all of these are steps towards the formation of a more compleat Setian, a more compleat Vampyre.

As such, powers of imagination and visualization are employed by members in this Order. Therefore art, music, and literature can and will be used as tools for our Order members. Within our School for Vampyres, will arise those who specialize in certain aspects of Vampyrism, and its proper application. These Schools within our School, as well as other directions and things yet to come to this Order are to be decided by its Masters and members.

There will be those who first learn more about the Arkte Element here, who then Become Warriors. There will be others who first learn of the MetaMind Element here, and who will then specialize in it. Each of these Schools within a School will either be an official Office or function of the Temple of Set, or will be informally controlled or helmed by a Master or senior member of the Order. Such Schools may be in the form of Elements; Elements that have their basis here, but may also reach our II ° membership, Temple-wide. Such Schools may also be in the form of our Bloodlines, which are Schools specializing in various aspects of Vampyric Initiation. These Schools are created by Masters of the Order, and are accessible by Order Members only. (See Internal Bloodlines Doc.)

A Word of Caution:

It should be readily understood by all who seek admission to our Order, that we are unique, and separate from the various Right-Hand Path driven “on-line vampire community” groups, and “houses” that have sprung up over the past few years. Such groups promote a weak and powerless version of the Vampyric Archetype, among a myriad of fuzzy New Age ideas, such as missing chakras, “other-kin,” and a need for blood drinking. We do not tolerate such in our ranks.

In the Order of the Vampyre, we promote a Posture of Effortless Power, and Setian Vampyric Control. There is no in-between. There is no compromise.

Applicants will be considered for admission to the Order by an existing Master of the Order (preferably), or by a III ° + member of the Order at large, or by one of the Grand Masters themselves. In most cases, if a Master of the Order deems a Setian is appropriate for the Order, that Setian's membership will almost always be guaranteed. In all cases, however, the decision to admit a Setian will be at the sole discretion of one or both Co-Grand Masters. Either or both Co-Grand Masters will decide favorably on the applicant if he/she is (a) particularly well suited for the Order and (b) has the necessary amount of time and degree of commitment for such specialized Work. Questions concerning membership into the Order, or about aspects of the Vampyric Being, may be addressed to any Master of the Order (preferably), also to any III ° + member of the Order at large, or to either Co-Grand Master.