Members of the Temple of Set
may enter the gate of
Nuitís Arch here

If you are in the
Greater Chicago /Great Lakes area and wish to make contact with the  Nuitís Arch Pylon of the
Temple of Set, send email to :

This is the gate of Nuit, the mother of Set. Its lintel is the vast arch of darkest infinity, the curve of her body in the vault of the heavens clad in a misty veil of stars, the dark egg that holds the seed of the world. Stretch forth thy hand and pull aside the veil of mist that separates from the eternal this world of forms, where thought, intuition, and spirit are held captive in shells both living and inanimate. Pull aside the veil and open the Gate to forge a nexus between this world and eternity. Thought, intuition, spirit, form, and the eternal are one, just as at the moment of creation, and all acts are possible, all dreams may be manifest through will.

The Lady of the Stars, the great arch of the sky, Nuit represents mystery and insight; she has played the muse to mankind since the beginning. How many times have you looked to the night sky and found inspiration in its endless beauty? Nuit is the beauty and mystery of infinite possibility and is tied intimately to Runa. Every man and woman is a star in her ebon sky, and the ancient Egyptian word for "star," sba, also means "doorway." Every psyche is both a universe unto itself as well as a doorway into the infinite.

Nuit's Arch Pylon takes inspiration also from the current of J.R.R. Tolkien's mythos involving the Elves or Eldar, "Children of the Stars," immortals who "awoke" in twilight and darkness illuminated by naught but starlight.

This Pylon is open to any Setian willing to travel to at least two meetings a year and to contribute to the Pylon in other ways. Strictly corresponding members will be accepted only if they can demonstrate an extraordinary level of commitment to and involvement in the pylon from afar. The objective of Nuit's Arch Pylon is Xeper and all members are expected to bring into the pylon their own unique gifts, ideas, and methodologies to that end to share with their Brothers and Sisters in the Temple. Nuit's Arch's lineage extends back to the Sa en Ankh Pylon, the Satanas Pylon, and the still-extant Draconis Pylon. Our newsletter, Night Vision, is published twice a year upon the South and North Solstices.

For more information please contact the Temple of Set